Korisnik Projekat/Kompanija Opis aktivnosti Godina
West Pharmaceutical , Kovin (Serbia) LED lighting / KOTEH LED light installation, commissioning and delivery documentation 2015
West Pharmaceutical , Kovin (Serbia) Dampers and pumps / KOTEH Installation dampers, commissioning for dampers and pumps, delivery documentation 2015
PKC Group, Smederevo (Serbia) Lighting control / KOTEH Installation remote IO for lighting control. SCADA software development – WinCC Flexible 2015
Železara, Smederevo (Serbia) Steel plant / KOTEH Technical support in electrical maintenance for Blast furnaces, Steel making plant, Hot strip mill, Cold strip mill and pickling line 2014
RiTE Gacko, Gacko (BIH) Water treatment / KOTEH Delivery of electrical project, engineering, application software development, equipment assembly, installation supervision and commissioning – SIEMENS equipment 2013
RiTE Gacko, Gacko (BIH) Open pit mine / KOTEH Project design and commissioning for 4 transport stations B1400 – SIEMENS equipment 2013
TATA Steel, Jamshedpur (India) Blast furnace / KOTEH Installation supervision and commissioning of the blast firnace ”I” – ABB equipment 2012
ACCIAERIE VALBRUNA, Vicenza (Italy) Rolling mill / ABB Software development and start-up on finishing area in profile and bar mill plant – ABB equipment 2012
JINDAL Stainlees Ltd, Kalinga Nager (India) Hot annealing and pickling line / ABB Electrical commissioning leader – ABB equipment 2012
MAKSTIL, Skopje (Macedionia) Rolling mill / ABB Software development and start-up on CCM secondary cooling – SIEMENS equipment 2011
KOLUBARA, Lazarevac (Serbia) Open pit mine / EXOR Delivery of equipment, start-up and delivery of as-built documentation for two beltwagons/spreaders – SIEMENS equipment 2010
BESHAY STEEL, Cairo (Egypt) Steel making factory / EXOR Software development and start-up for PLC interface to level 2 on Scrap Yard, Electrical Arc Furnace, Ladle Furnace and Continious Casting Mashine (ABB L2) – SIEMENS equipment 2010
MAKSTIL, Skopje (Macedonia) Steel making factory / EXOR Software development, commissioning and start-up on EAF – SIEMENS equipment 2009
Korporata Energjetike Kosova, Pristina (Serbia) Repair of excavator ESH – 10 / EXOR Dismantle of electrical equipment, supply, delivery and assembly new electrical equipment, design and whole technical documentation for repairing on excavator ESH 10 – SIEMENS equipment 2009
COMPAÑIA SIDERURGICA, Huachipato (Chile) Bar rolling mill / EXOR Commissioning and start-up of finishing area on line for long products (profiles) – SIEMENS equipment 2009
BOMEX, Kraljevo (Serbia) Refrectory plant / EXOR Delivery of documentations, equipment and start-up for two presses HPFII 1600 – SIEMENS equipment 2009
ZEMUN POLJE, Zemun (Serbia) Maize Institut / EXOR Dismantle of electrical equipment, supply, delivery and assembly new electrical equipment, design new level 2 and level 1 automation system – SIEMENS equipment 2008
U.S. Steel, Smederevo (Serbia) Blast Furnace Plant BF 2 / EXOR Refurbishing of blast furnace BF2 automation and instrumentation; Design, supply of equipment, installation and start-up – SIEMENS equipment 2007
NIS Oil Refinery, Pancevo (Serbia) Fluid catalytic cracker complex / MERING Designer , project supervision, I&C Project (Adjustment of Document Package to Reflect Construction Modifications) 2007
U.S. Steel, Smederevo (Serbia) Steel Making plant / EXOR Casting rolls speed control Casting machines roll speed control – SIEMENS equipment 2007
DJERDAP d.o.o, Kladovo (Serbia) Hydro power plant Djerdap II / EXOR Refurbishment of turbine governing and equipment automation – SIEMENS equipment 2007
Drmno, Kostolac (Serbia) Power supply and transport station B-1400 / EXOR Design, manufacturing, erection and commissioning of automation and electrical equipment – ABB equipment 2006
U.S. Steel, Smederevo (Serbia & Montenegro) Steel making plant / EXOR Refining convertor K1, automation and electrical system refurbishment – SIEMENS equipment 2006
NIS Oil Refinery, Pancevo (Serbia) Flare gas unit / MERING Designer , I&C Project – SIEMENS and HONEYWELL equipment 2006
U.S. Steel, Smederevo (Serbia & Montenegro) Acid Regeneration Plant / EXOR Automation cubicles and instrumentation for acid regeneration – SIEMENS equipment 2006
Petrohemija, Pancevo (Serbia & Montenegro) Ethylene plant tank farm / MERING Designer , Project for level measurements – ENDRESS+HAUSER equipment 2006
U.S. Steel, Smederevo (Serbia & Montenegro) Blast furnance BF 1 / EXOR Automation system design and delivery – SIEMENS equipment 2006
MISURATA STEEL COMPLEX, Misurata (LIBYA) Hot strip mill / Voest-Alpine Industrial Services GmbH&Co Electrical engineer on Electrical maintenance department in Hot strip mill on LISCO. My duty was to increase availability of line in Hot Strip Mill ( to solve some delays, adjust regulators, to made training for LISCO employers, to recommend spare parts, to improve organization – SIEMENS equipment 2002
Sartid a.d.,Smederevo (Serbia & Montenegro) Hot strip mill Commissioning pressure, temperature and flow measurements, actuators for flow and pressure control on furnace – SIEMENS equipment 2001
TATA Steel, Jamshedpur (India) Skin Pass line Commissioning and startup of Skin Pass and Tension leveler on the continuous galvanizing line 2000